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1. What are your operating hours?
2. Will face masks/coverings be needed?
3. If I have a season pass, do I have to call and book a spot at the hill in advance?
4. How will I get my lift/Tube Park ticket?
5. Will I still be able to rent equipment?
6. What will be going on with the cafeteria/lounge area?
7. What does the ski season at Kinosoo Ridge look like this year, keeping in mind the ongoing global pandemic?
8. What can I expect in the department of cleanliness of the chalet?
9. Will there be lessons this year?
10. How will I maintain the required two-metres (six feet) of social distance on the chair lift/magic carpet?
11. Can I still get my skis or board adjusted/sharpened/waxed?
12. What do you consider a face mask/covering?
13. How are we social distancing on chairlifts?
14. Will there be lockers available?