Kinosoo Ridge Master Plan

Kinosoo Ridge hosted two public meetings at the end of June 2018. The purpose of these meetings was to engage with the public and other stakeholders regarding the future of Kinosoo Ridge, and concepts to take the resort from a strictly winter destination, to an all-season resort.

The maps below show some of the possibilities, including trail development, accommodations and a number of activities that can be enjoyed in the winter, and the summer. These concepts are a work in progress. You can see a larger version of the maps by clicking on each map. Please note - these are large files. "This is the very beginning of the conversation," said Jurgen Grau, manager of Kinosoo Ridge.

Do you want to be in on the conversation? Email any questions, comments or concerns.

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Kinosoo Ridge - Concept B

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Kinosoo Ridge - Concept A