CADS Slide and Ride

Cads Alberta Slide and Ride
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The CADS Slide and Ride event is coming to Kinosoo Ridge January 28, 2018!
Have you ever wanted to learn how to alpine ski or snowboard and have a disability?
Are you a skier that wants to learn how to snowboard or maybe a snowboarder that wants to learn how to ski?
Are you interested in becoming a volunteer instructor and working with a great winter program?
The Canadian Association for Disabled Skiing (CADS) Alberta is partnering with CADS zones and Alberta ski resorts to offer the one-day Slide & Ride come and try-it events across Alberta.

These events are FREE for all participants and volunteers! Participants and volunteers will receive prizes for being part of our events, and the focus is on families, friends and everyone to come out and participate. Our goal is to encourage people with disabilities to try adaptive skiing or snowboarding as participants, and to create opportunities for involvement as participants or volunteers… anyone interested in being part of a fantastic winter sport!

Ski or snowboard until a lunch break or any time you need a warm-up or rest break. The event goes until about 3 p.m. and ends with a question and answer session in which we are also giving out prizes to all our participants! So it's worth staying and learning more about CADS Alberta and its programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

The day schedule

Each Slide & Ride event is unique, but arriving to register for 8:30 a.m. will ensure that our Slide & Ride Team can get you ready for the day. This includes: Completing the registration process at the ski area, getting adaptive or rental equipment if you need it, participating in a warm-up to ensure you and your volunteer family or friends are ready for the day ahead!

Cost of rental equipment

Both registered participants and volunteers will receive the equipment they need from the ski area rental shop. It's all a part of what CADS Alberta is offering with our Slide & Ride program

Do I need to get a lift ticket, and other items over the day?

Yes, you need a lift ticket, but that will supplied through our friendly Slide & Ride Team. You will also be required to sign a one-day CADS Membership, a $10 value that CADS Alberta will cover. This Membership for the day ensures that you are fully covered under the event insurance, and also so that we can take photographs and videos over the day to ensure all Albertans can hear about the fun! Lunch will also be provided!

Is there a minimum or maximum age to participate?

Slide & Ride is for all ages, including young riders and sliders five years of age and up to the young at heart. For the younger age groups, we will ensure that we assess their ability, needs and provide appropriate volunteer support. In fact, a parent may want to come and be part of the activities on-snow.

Can I register ahead of time only or on the day of the event?

We would like you to register in advance - participants, and volunteers, should accept but we will allow people to register on site. If you are planning to register on-site, if you can email our Slide & Ride that would sure help us know our participant numbers!

What should you wear?

Alpine skiing and snowboarding are outdoor activities, so please ensure that you bring gloves/mitts, hats/touques and warm pants and jackets, because it can get cold in the outdoors.

Can I participate in more than one Slide & Ride?

You sure can, or you can also talk to the great people who will helping out from the local CADS Zone programs, as they can provide you information about becoming a full CADS Member and starting to participate in the local programs that run all winter. In some cases you can start the next program night, but it all depends on volunteer availability in each program, so please bring a volunteer, or simply come out and volunteer for Slide & Ride and learn what is involved. We have a great group of volunteers across the province!

If you have any further questions about the event at Kinosoo, please call Chris at 780-594-5564.