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Rain Check Request

  1. Rain check requests will be processed when Kinosoo Ridge has to close due to extreme temperatures (when the thermometer, or "feels like" temperture hits -32 C or colder).
  2. Name tickets/passes/rentals are booked under
  3. Please enter Transaction ID(s) for passes/lift tickets and rentals. Separate each ID number with a comma.
  4. Do you have rental equipment booked?*
    If yes, please make sure you include your Transaction ID number in the answer section for the previous question.
  5. This enables us to make sure we have the right booking.
  6. Tickets will rebooked for your chosen date. In the event the chosen date is sold out, a representative of Kinosoo Ridge will contact you to pick a new date. Your original confirmation email will continue to be your proof of purchase. Refunds/rain checks may take up to five days to process.
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