Cold Weather Policy

Kinosoo Ridge Resort strives to achieve a safe environment for our users, staff and volunteers. 

Due to the unexpected nature of weather, Kinosoo Ridge Snow Resort has adapted a Cold Weather Policy to address the need to close to ensure the safety of all, due to extreme cold. 

The policy calls for the closure of the resort if the forecasted temperature for the daily high is at or below -32 degrees celsius; real temperature or with the windchill. In most cases, Kinosoo Ridge Snow Resort will make the decision for closure the day previous, using the 9:00 pm (MST) forecast from The Weather Network.  Should the forecasted temperature be evident prior to 9:00 pm, there may be circumstances where the decision is made prior to 9:00 pm. On the same note, should the forecasted temperature change from the evening prior to the morning and the temperature is below the closure standard of -32 degrees celsius, then the decision to close may come after 9:00 pm. 

We strive to give our users adequate notice of closures. Check our social media pages, Facebook and Instagram (@skikinosooridge), as well as our website, for updates. You can also subscribe to our special notices online. 

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding our Cold Weather Policy please call 780-594-5564.